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All the info you need for your new Havanese Puppy!

I think of myself as a Havanese puppy expert rather than a breeder. Whether you decide to purchase one of our puppies or a puppy from someone else, I would love to help you in your process of finding a reputable breeder, a great quality puppy, as well as be your resource in training your new puppy. I am always happy and willing to help! The blog posts and videos below are a gift from me to help you in your goal of finding a great puppy and maintaining health and happiness for your Havanese puppies. Enjoy Havanese Puppy Training!

Havanese Puppy Training Tips

Havanese Puppy Owner Essentials: The Supplies You Need Before Bringing Home Your New Puppy.

Havanese Puppy Care: Havanese puppy care is simple, easy, and quick once you learn the basics!

Havanese Puppy Travel Essentials: Going on a trip? Everything you need to know about traveling with your Havanese Puppy.

Havanese Puppy Emergency Preparedness Kit: Being prepared for emergencies and disasters is so important, not only for us but for our puppies as well!

Havanese Puppy Summer Safety Guide: Here are the guidelines we follow to keep our Havanese puppies happy during the hot summer months.

Puppy Videos

Havanese Puppy Videos: Check out videos of our cute Havanese Puppies.

Havanese Puppy Training

AKC Official Havanese Colors

You may find Havanese puppies for sale in any of the following colors:

  • Black Havanese Puppies
  • Black and Silver Havanese Puppies
  • Black and Tan Havanese Puppies
  • Black and Brindle Havanese Puppies
  • Blue Havanese Puppies
  • Blue Brindle Havanese Puppies
  • Chocolate Havanese Puppies
  • Chocolate Brindle Havanese Puppies
  • Chocolate Sable Havanese Puppies
  • Cream Havanese Puppies
  • Fawn Havanese Puppies
  • Fawn Brindle Puppies
  • Fawn Sable Puppies
  • Gold Havanese Puppies
  • Gold Brindle Havanese Puppies
  • Gold Sable Havanese Puppies
  • Red Havanese Puppies
  • Red Brindle Havanese Puppies
  • Red Sable Havanese Puppies
  • Silver Havanese Puppies
  • Silver Brindle Havanese Puppies
  • Silver Sable Puppies
  • White Havanese Puppies
You can find Havanese puppies for sale in any of those colors and with any of the following markings:

  • Cream Markings on a Havanese Puppy
  • Irish Pied Havanese Puppy
  • Parti Belton Havanese Puppy
  • Parti-Color Havanese Puppy
  • Silver Markings on a Havanese Puppy
  • Silver Points on a Havanese Puppy
  • Tan Points on a Havanese Puppy
  • White Markings on a Havanese Puppy

Since the Havanese breed can come in such a variety of beautiful colors and markings, please ask me whether we have Havanese puppies for sale in the color you are looking for!

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